The Windsorian is a new satire news website created to make our readers laugh and think. Modern day politics is so much of a joke it can be hard to distinguish between true and fake news. If anything on this website made you laugh and you want to help us out, every share on social media helps out tremendously.
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Written by Lindsey L.C. Crow Planet Earth, 2022 AD – A person assigned human at birth has come out as a sperm cell from a left...



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Windsorian.com was started in March of 2022 with the purpose of getting a laugh out of our readers. I created the website to combine my two favorite things: comedy and politics.


Q: How does one become a writer for the Windsorian?

A: Email windsoriannews@gmail.com and state your interest. We are very welcoming to new writers and believe freedom allows creativity.

Q: Do writers get paid to write articles?

A: If/when our website gets advertisers, I have no issue with paying people a share of the ad revenue. Until that day comes everything is done on a volunteer basis with your reward being a platform to be published on, as well as extreme amounts of gratitude from me.

Q: Okay, but why though?

A: The world seems to get more and more ridiculous every day, sometimes all you can do is laugh at it. I have found that laughter creates a kind of happiness, so I'd highly recommend it in these strange times.