AOC is in GTA 6

Los Angeles, California- Rockstar games just released more information about it’s upcoming game Grand Theft Auto 6: Capitol City. For the first time in GTA history, players will get to play as a women. (Editors note: the definition of women is somehow a subject of debate, for the purposes of this article we are using adult human female)

It’s been revealed that the female character is a Latina and will be nicknamed “Ayo, Si” and “Juicy”. Several photos show the character on a stealth mission, hiding from the security of her own workplace.

Other game footage showed the Latina on a mission with a timer. The mission objective was to do a crying photoshoot in every parking lot before the upcoming midterm elections.

It’s unclear how much of the reveal will remain in the game. So far GTA 6 is confirmed to have 3 separate playable characters, just like in GTA 5. The two characters already revealed are Donny the soon to be former President, and Joey B, his main rival. It’s unknown at this time if Juicy/Ayo, Si! will be the last character or if more are to come. Follow The Windsorian for updates.

Article by Flint Fredstone

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