Moloch Speaks Out

Updated: Jul 21


With the overturning of Roe Vs Wade as the law of the land by the Supreme Court, a decision which game states the individual right and ability to determine how they wished to handle abortion, a great many raised their voices in outrage and protest. Now many would think that women would obviously be the most affected by this ruling as it this is of course an issue that deals very specifically with the bodies of women and the infants being carried within them. Shockingly, however, this is not the case. There is indeed one individual who has been affected more gravely than all other parties considered…Moloch.

This reporter was able to catch up with the Canaanite god infanticide and secure a statement from the deity about this state of affairs.

“I won’t lie, its a real blow! Child sacrifice is my bread and butter you know and after the Bible was used to defame my followers for their legitimate worship, things got really tough for a few millennia. I was starving! I mean it was a really bigoted move, that was the culture of my people those Hebrews were messing with and that whole bit about their God being jealous…well that was true wasn’t it!”

“Fortunately I got a comeback in the modern era. I really owe a lot to the efforts of Margaret Sanger, bless her black little heart and all those who’ve come after her. The biggest coup was framing, that was the key to everything wasn’t it? Calling abortion women’s health care and the slogan of Safe, Rare and Legal. I guess I got a little too ambitious there in the end. I mean I pay attention the way the wind is blowing and it seemed like the time was right to push for abortion right up to birth and to even let children who survived that “be made comfortable” as they die of dehydration.”

“I tell yeah I didn’t think folks were gonna go for that but they did! Next of course were the plans to ease into Post Birth Abortions and Retroactive Abortions but I never expected SCOTUS to give me the brush off. I’ll admit, I’m really concerned about the future. I’s been sixty years since I went hungry and I’m not relishing the prospect, I’ll tell you that for nothing!”

By Murica Jones

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